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008: Nice outfit, Dev! (Devlin.Fellstein)

Party guest_001

I was at a St.  Patrick’s Day dance at daPier tonight and saw a handsome guy, Dev (Devlin.Fellstein) who didn’t feel compelled to show up head to toe in green — unlike me in the background, ogling him from the rear 😉  There was a bunch of hot men there, including bloggers Ziggy Starsmith and host Ryce Skytower, but Dev really stood out for me.

Party guest_002

It wasn’t just the outfit, although that was confident and elegantly simple; blue jeans, white T-shirt, black jacket, knee-high black boots. I liked the restrained choice of accessories, a simple necklace and an unobtrusive ring — no obvious tattoos, no stretched earlobes, pierced lips or hair streaked with Kool-Aid colours. He looked like a handsome guy I would look at twice if he passed me on the street in RL. In particular, I liked the shape and especially the eyes. Dev was nice enough to tell me that the eyes are from IKON and the shape from Zim (as will be my custom in this type of post, I won’t be giving detailed shopping information; Dev deserves to not see his restrained good looks duplicated all over SL). The jacket is from Immerschoen and if you look closely, it’s nicely designed to make you suspect that the shoulders hidden beneath are attractively muscled.

I’m not sure if it’s the combination of the shape and eyes, especially the distance between the eyes and the high cheekbones; what this handsome face made me think of is someone who’s half East Indian or perhaps Middle Eastern. Again, the hallmark is subtlety. A handsome man with an unusual face who has gone with a simple haircut and minimal facial hair (and Dev told me that he’s kept his look pretty much the same for three years! gutsy and solid) is a set of good choices. Nice outfit, Dev!

Party guest_003

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