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012: Nice outfit, Fenton! (Fenton.Luik)

Fenton Luik (Fenton)_001

Aqua on a Saturday night is always crowded and fun, especially when Lex Solari-Holland is DJing and his partner Christian Holland-Solari is hosting — I think I heard Christian say there were 35 guys on the dance floor and I can believe it. Popular events like that are always laggy, and I was in the middle of about six conversations at once with friends, but when I spotted Fenton (Fenton.Luik) in a corner of the dance floor with his partner DannyA (DannyAyers) I figured I had my next “Nice outfit!” post.

Fenton Luik (Fenton)_002

It’s not just that he’s wearing a great white T-shirt from Redgrave — which made me envious and pissed off at the same time, because Redgrave doesn’t make clothes that fit l’Uomo bodies.  Part of it has to do with the fact that I wasted some money today buying myself a white T-shirt that doesn’t fit worth a damn — the usual holes in the rear shoulders and a prim attachment at the bottom that doesn’t even line up with the top layer.  Aaaarrrgh.  Isn’t that a great Redgrave T-shirt, though?  It looks like something that a guy would wear in RL, maybe somebody with a nice muscular body who doesn’t feel compelled to wear Lycra or Spandex and let everyone know every ounce of his bulking progress at the gym. Instead, this is shaped like it’s on a man’s natural body. I even took a photo from the back to show that the T-shirt is carefully shaped to look like there’s a natural waistband of a pair of jeans underneath it.  The sleeves of the T-shirt end right where they should to show an armband tattoo right where men actually have them. And the neckline is exactly the shape it would be if a thick cotton T-shirt had been washed a couple of times.  Emilia Redgrave is a really, really good designer, isn’t she?

Fenton Luik (Fenton)_003

It was the T-shirt that interested me, but then I liked the whole look that went with it. I took a shot of Fenton’s lower half just so you could see that the whole outfit goes together to create a consistent look. He looks — normal. No fuss, no jewelry, simple haircut, and even an ordinary pair of everyday white trainers. Understated, natural, very masculine, and the whole outfit works together to give the viewer a picture of a guy who has the good sense to let his natural good looks be discovered by the passer-by’s eye rather than calling attention to them.

Don’t get me wrong. His partner DannyA (in the cut-off T-shirt that says “Baiter” on the front) is also a handsome guy with a consistent look who looks like he dressed to go out to the club; a little more put together, a little more stylish, and showing a bit more six-pack. And, since he’s in a club filled with gay men, that makes perfect sense; he’s dressed for where he is, which is always appropriate. Fenton looks like he might have been running a little late and didn’t have time to go home and change after the gym, or a day of errands, or something ordinary like walking the dog. I like that idea a lot, because it’s the look of someone who doesn’t dress for where they’re going, they dress for who they are. It’s a philosophy that can take you anywhere, in either RL or SL. Maybe it’s just that I always tend to assume that men who are dressed simply and well have a confident personality, and confidence is always attractive. Fenton turned out to be a nice, confident, and friendly guy, just as you’d expect; he looks like what he is.  And that always looks good.

Nice outfit, Fenton!

Fenton Luik (Fenton)_004





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008: Nice outfit, Dev! (Devlin.Fellstein)

Party guest_001

I was at a St.  Patrick’s Day dance at daPier tonight and saw a handsome guy, Dev (Devlin.Fellstein) who didn’t feel compelled to show up head to toe in green — unlike me in the background, ogling him from the rear 😉  There was a bunch of hot men there, including bloggers Ziggy Starsmith and host Ryce Skytower, but Dev really stood out for me.

Party guest_002

It wasn’t just the outfit, although that was confident and elegantly simple; blue jeans, white T-shirt, black jacket, knee-high black boots. I liked the restrained choice of accessories, a simple necklace and an unobtrusive ring — no obvious tattoos, no stretched earlobes, pierced lips or hair streaked with Kool-Aid colours. He looked like a handsome guy I would look at twice if he passed me on the street in RL. In particular, I liked the shape and especially the eyes. Dev was nice enough to tell me that the eyes are from IKON and the shape from Zim (as will be my custom in this type of post, I won’t be giving detailed shopping information; Dev deserves to not see his restrained good looks duplicated all over SL). The jacket is from Immerschoen and if you look closely, it’s nicely designed to make you suspect that the shoulders hidden beneath are attractively muscled.

I’m not sure if it’s the combination of the shape and eyes, especially the distance between the eyes and the high cheekbones; what this handsome face made me think of is someone who’s half East Indian or perhaps Middle Eastern. Again, the hallmark is subtlety. A handsome man with an unusual face who has gone with a simple haircut and minimal facial hair (and Dev told me that he’s kept his look pretty much the same for three years! gutsy and solid) is a set of good choices. Nice outfit, Dev!

Party guest_003

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005: Nice outfit! (wolf Niseru)

Wolf Niseru_002

I was out dancing this afternoon at Terra Lascivus when I spotted a guy who had thought out what he wanted to look like, and done a good job of putting it together: wolf Niseru.  I liked the contrast of the sleeveless hoodie with the shorts, and the huge suspenders hanging down, and the oversized boots. I think the hoodie and shorts come from SZD Fashion — I didn’t get a comment from wolf so this is just my best guess.

To me, this looks like good street fashion for a young guy who isn’t shy about showing off his body; everything works together to create a picture of a certain kind of guy, and that to me is good fashion.  No false notes, nothing unnecessary, and a good colour palette based on black. Nice outfit!

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002: Shoulder holes


I was at a wedding reception this afternoon for two nice guys, Vady Halston-Darwin and his husband Wes Darwin-Halston. (Congratulations again, you two: long life and happiness!) The location was beautiful, the guests were having a good time, the music was great, and in Second Life, if people compliment the food, you know you’ve done something special — a table of gumbo and other southern delicacies to match the Mardi Gras theme was a delightful idea.

The invitation said “Casual/Mardi Gras”, but, you know, for a wedding reception, you want to show up looking like you took a little bit of trouble if only so you’ll look nice in the pictures. Unfortunately, what with one thing and another, I didn’t have a lot of time to put together an outfit. In fact I had approximately ten minutes, which was only enough time to find a shirt that covered my navel.  Seriously — it’s the first time in weeks that my navel has been covered. My go-to outfit these days is a little tank top and a pair of low-cut jeans.

Now, that has to do with a couple of things. Principally it has to do with the fact that there’s not as much available for a l’Uomo avatar in the way of clothes as there are for non-mesh bodies. Non-mesh avs can go and get a well-designed business suit “off the rack” and it will fit them beautifully; they can shop at hundreds of stores, perhaps thousands. I’m not sure how many stores sell clothes for l’Uomo avs, but I think it’s fewer than 50. The other thing that affects my wardrobe choices is that — well, I’ve chosen to look like a professional bodybuilder, and the designers who design for my body have borne that in mind when they design clothes. As I have half-jokingly remarked in the past, I only have a few choices for the “looks” from which I can select: off-duty stripper, off-duty escort, off-duty personal trainer, on-duty leatherman or nudist. The T-shirt and jeans you see in the picture are very nearly as sedate as I can get without going to my all-purpose tuxedo. I’ve seen one or two business suits for l’Uomo avs and, while I’m sure they’re well designed, a guy my size just looks like a dressed-up gorilla either in RL or SL.


But if you have a good close look at my lousy photograph by clicking to expand it, you’ll see something else that’s a problem. It’s a little easier to see in the second picture; it looks as though there are holes in the shirt over the rear head of my shoulder muscle; if they weren’t so symmetrical, it might have been that someone splashed me with acid, or that I flexed my muscles the wrong way and tore the shirt. As most of you will know, what it means is that I’m not wearing the correct alpha layer between my mesh skin and my shirt. And I think you know that it’s just as tacky to go out to a wedding reception with holes in your shirt in SL as it would be in RL.

I have to confess, I’m not absolutely sure how this all works, in a technical sense, but it’s something that I constantly find infuriating. I can only rarely manage to find a shirt/alpha combination that manages to cover my shoulders properly — when I do, I immediately save it so I can go back to it, and I’m never really sure that it’s going to work properly when I return to that outfit. I know that alphas hide what’s underneath them and don’t allow your skin to show through your T-shirt; I have no idea how it works, though. And what I find truly annoying is that whether it works properly or not can depend upon which order you add your layers, which is kind of like magical thinking. It’s almost as though you have to cross your fingers in real life to make it work.

As it happens, it always seems to be my shoulders that poke through my shirts, and so I have come to rely on tank tops. And that means that I am misleading the designers who want me to look like an off-duty personal trainer. (“See, he wants to look like that, so let’s do more tank tops and crop tops!”) So out of this experience today, two things. (1) I would like to have an ordinary button-down dress shirt that covers me above the waist, with no holes, maybe — and this is just a wild suggestion here — maybe with an included alpha layer and directions on what to put on first. (2) My apologies to Vady and Wes for showing up at their beautiful and cleverly-planned wedding reception looking like a doofus.  I had a great time, and feel free to crop me and my stupid shoulders out of the pictures.

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001: Sitting on my deck

Rusty head_001

This is a selfie I took at my house this afternoon. Again, this is at the level of most of the snapshots I take — I’ll see if I can improve for the future.  Actually I’m sitting on the beach in front of my deck; you can barely see my house behind my head, but you can see the beautiful blue-flowered trees I picked up recently and which I enjoy so much.

One reason for posting this is that I wanted to get some practice in identifying items.  All links below are to Marketplace.

Hair:Dura, Dura-Boy 22
Facial hair:
Goat beard: Labyrinth
Beard: Fe Style 4ED
Eyebrows: Jaryth’s Barber Shop
Body hair (shoulders): Jaryth’s Barber Shop

Skin: RGDW, Alfred (Tone 3)
Eyes: KMADD Mesh Eyes, Soul: Brown 2
Tank Top: HUG’S (available for l’Uomo and non-l’Uomo)
Shape: Made by hand, not for sale
Mesh avatar: Animations Rising, Bruce

Of course, there are a couple of tricks up my sleeve that I’ll keep to myself; I’ve put a lot of work into perfecting my shape.  I intend to talk about this at greater length in a future post, but you get the best results by making sure that your shape is tweaked until it shows off your specific skin to its best advantage.

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