004: Thordin RedWolf sits on my deck

I’m a big fan of Andy Warhol and I had the idea the other night to emulate his work with Interview magazine.  This will be the first in what I hope will be a long series of interviews with friends and acquaintances about SL topics that interest me, and I hope interest you.  I’ll try to ask everyone the same questions, until I think it’s time to change it up; and provide a head shot and a full length shot, to show you who I’m talking to.


Thordin RedWolf came and sat on my deck and answered five questions, as follows, in his own words:

1. Why do you stay in Second Life?  What keeps you here?

DJing, RPing, friends … sex..  hehe

2. What are the qualities that attract you to people in Second Life?

personality really. can be very hot, shitty attitude.. will not have a thing to do with you

3. What are you working on, as a form of artistic expression or in order to earn money, or both?

DJ at Virtual Bear and now Mystic Drive-in. Both really. Do not work RL, so the money I have in SL is what I earn. Mystic Drive-in is a center/launching point for my SL sister’s Relay For Life campaign.

4. If you could give advice to your earlier self in the first month that you spent in Second Life, what would you say?

to be more careful on who being friends with. Bad experience can be a bitch .. even though also a good teacher.

5. What do you like most about the way that your avatar looks?

hehe.. everything. It has been 7 yrs in progress getting to look like this 🙂 Only wish could look half this hot RL


If you want to come and sit on my dock, get in touch!

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